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Welcome to Name It!'s web site.

This is where you will find details of our products and services.

Name It! was set up to provide a service to the modelling world. We are keen modellers, being actively involved in The British Model Soldier Society and attend shows not just as traders but also as competitors and demonstrators of modelling techniques.

We hope you enjoy our site. Please select from these links to our other pages.

New size 38C! this is a specially cut size to fit bases produced by Oakwood Bases for large scale Busts sculpted by Carl Reid to replace the trapezoid base produced with a professionally finished wooden base.

38C 4.50

New Email Address! You can contact us at

Coming Soon!


We will be able to take a photograph or picture and recreate it on one of the shiny aluminium finishes (Our No. 3 Bright Gold, No.4 Bright Silver, No. 8 Bright Silver or No. 11 Bright Blue).

We've shown it at a couple of shows (Euro and Telford) to test reactions, which were favourable and so will be launching it next year (2018).


UK orders by PayPal: Please add 1 to orders to cover PayPal charges.

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New Colour added - Chrome along with the Marble Blue, Marble Red and Satin Gold!

By popular demand we have added 4 new sizes :12A (12 x 100), 20A (20 x 40), 30A (30 x 25) and 35 (35 x 35)

And Five new Fonts: "Bernhard", "Freestye", "Kauffman", "Modern" and "Pump"

Please download the latest Euro Order form.

 Download word document template of sizes for you to cut out and keep.

Corners now available: Further details on the Borders page

Just to show that Paul makes models as well:



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